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About the cleaning method of splatter targets

About the cleaning method of splatter targets

Aug 31, 2020

        Nowadays, the use rate of splatter targets is gradually increasing. However, the surface of splatter targets may be accompanied by residues, such as dust, oil, oxides, etc., resulting in varying degrees of nodules on the surface of the target material, so the quality of the product will follow. Decrease, and the cost of production gradually increases. Therefore, the splatter targets need to be cleaned comprehensively to ensure their cleanliness. The following briefly describes the cleaning methods of some splatter targets.

   In order to remove the magazine dust or dirt that may exist on the surface of the target, a thorough cleaning is required. Use the following methods to achieve effective cleaning purposes. Note that before cleaning, in order to avoid touching the target with your hands, you need to wear clean and lint-free protective gloves.

   Vacuum cleaner cleaning

          (1) Remove large particles. In the process of sputtering film formation, some large particles will fall on the target surface. At this time, a vacuum cleaner should be used to remove the large particles that have settled on the sputter surface of the target.

(2) Sandpaper sanding. Use sandpaper of the corresponding mesh to sand the sputtering surface of the target. It should be sanded along the direction of the racetrack formed by the sputtering surface of the target, and at the same time the yellow oxide layer on the surface in the middle of the racetrack should be polished. Polish and remove oxides and impurities on the sputtering surface.
splatter targets
   (3) Clean and remove dust. Since particles and dust will settle on the sputtering surface of the target material during sandpaper polishing, a vacuum cleaner must be used to remove them.

   (4) Wipe and clean, first use a dust-free cloth dipped in a small amount of alcohol, and then wipe and clean the sputtering surface of the target material completely to remove the dust that is not completely absorbed until the surface of the dust-free cloth only slightly changes color.

         (5) Wash with deionized water. After cleaning with deionized water, the target is placed in an oven and dried at 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Oxide and ceramic targets are recommended to be cleaned with "lint-free cloth".

         (6) In order to remove all impurity particles that may cause arcing in the sputtering system, high-pressure and low-moisture argon gas must be used to flush the target.

   The above is about some cleaning methods of splatter targets. Of course, other cleaning methods can also be used, such as: alcohol cleaning; cleaning with lint-free soft cloth soaked in acetone.