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How to hold a pistol(shooting target)

How to hold a pistol(shooting target)

Mar 28, 2020

If you find you need a gun, you need the best pistol safe to make better use of weapons. In addition, you need to learn how to hold the gun properly.

The rule of thumb is to always assume that your firearm is armed. Even if you don't have any magazines or ammunition, think of it as always loaded and pointing in a safe direction, keeping the gun away from yourself and those around you.

shooting target

To ensure that your firearm is empty, remove the magazine, point the spray gun down, and swing the carriage to ensure that there are no ammunition remaining in the cartridge. Reopen the pop-up port. Once you see the light passing through, it means it is empty. Remove the bullet from the magazine and reinsert the empty magazine. Release the trigger and move it forward to the proper position, this is how to set the firearm to prevent dry fire.

Shooting is most effective when holding the gun with both hands. A two-handed pistol grip is recommended because it is both stable and accurate. In addition, it also provides the highest security during the shooting process. Your fingers should be close together but not overlapping. If you aim and prepare to fire, the trigger finger should only touch the trigger.

Aiming gun
When aiming, place the firearm on your non-dominant hand and hold the empty space left on the grip. The thumb of the non-dominant hand should be placed under the thumb of the dominant hand and slightly facing the thumb of the dominant hand, with the palm of the hand holding the gun steady. When shooting, bend your knees slightly instead of your leg muscles, and keep your lower body steady, always keeping your shoulders straight.

Dominant Eye
Aim with the dominant eye. Note that the dominant hand does not always match the dominant eye. How to distinguish the dominant eye? Please extend one arm and use your fingers under an object in the distance. Take a look at it with both eyes, then close one eye and swap left and right. If you see that the object has not moved from its original position, it is your dominant eye.

shooting target

Now that you know the correct position to hold the gun, open your arms and prepare to aim with your usual eyes. Slightly bend your elbows, but make sure your shoulders are at right angles to your target. When aiming, keep the main eye pointed at the front mirror to see the target clearly, even at a long distance.

Trigger management
Trigger management is the key to precise triggering. Place the center of the index finger on the entire trigger, look down at the top of the gun, and the part of the shooting finger near the knuckle should be parallel to the gun holder. Press the trigger directly to successfully shoot.

When shooting, make sure you have a clear view of the shooting target. Then, focus on your target, as this is critical to getting accurate shots. Continue practicing until you hold the gun comfortably. Always use ear protectors and goggles during the exercise. Keep the rule of thumb in mind when holding the firearm: Always assume that the firearm is installed and fires down in a safe direction.

The correct method of holding the gun will definitely allow you to practice the correct firearm safety procedures and follow the correct handling and use of firearms.