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How to Use Airsoft Guns Safely

How to Use Airsoft Guns Safely

Jul 18, 2020

Airsoft guns are general term for guns that fire projectiles powered by pressurized gas, and a pistol that shoots projectiles out by the pressure of compressed air or gas. Airsoft outdoor shooting is very popular in foreign countries. However, if the airsoft gun is used incorrectly, accidents can easily occur and hurt others' bodies. Therefore, how to use the airsoft gun is very important.

First, there must be a correct posture. The more classic shooting postures are prone posture, standing posture and kneeling posture. Squatting can be used in special situations. After the shooter prone on the shooting mat and takes the preparatory posture, the angle between his torso and the shooting direction projection is generally 10 to 20 degrees. When holding the gun, the right side of the body is slightly in line with the gun body, the right hand grips the handle of the gun forward, the first section of the index finger is leaning on the trigger, and the right elbow is pushed forward as far as possible. Hold the magazine in your left hand, and prop up your left elbow on the ground, keeping your elbows steady. The chest is straightened, the body is slightly forward, the upper body naturally collapses, and the force of both hands remains unchanged, so that the butt of the gun is indeed against the shoulder socket, the face is slightly forward, and naturally close to the cheek.In addition, when shooting, the main focus should be on the straight relationship between the front sight and the gap, and the front sight and the gap should always be kept straight. That is to say, when shooting, you should look at the front sight, the gap is clear and the target is blurred.

Of course, there must be good shooting targets. Foyoto is a company that specializes in outdoor sports products, and it also produces outdoor air gun shooting targets, which are perfectly suitable for use in outdoor shooting sports.