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Overview and application scenarios of laser simulation gun target shooting equipment.

Overview and application scenarios of laser simulation gun target shooting equipment.

Feb 21, 2021

Laser simulation gun target shooting training is as important as live ammunition training, and both can achieve a certain training significance. As for the application scenarios of laser simulation gun target shooting equipment, the demand for this kind of place is very high, and there are higher training requirements, so the laser simulation gun target shooting equipment they choose is dedicated to the military and police, and is used to simulate actual combat. training.

First, let’s understand the requirements of the shooting gun simulator of this type of system. This kind of place basically chooses the high-simulation 1:1 military standard gun type. The gun material is divided into synthetic plastic and pure metal. The force feedback method is pneumatic. There are two types, electric recoil force is more real, and this recoil technology is considered the most advanced and stable. However, due to poor stability and poor realism, pneumatic ones are slowly being used by fewer and fewer people.

The other is the system function. Most of this laser simulation gun target shooting system is a full-function system, covering multiple functional modules. At present, there is a set of digital SPIA laser simulation shooting system that is relatively comprehensive on the market. The four main modules include precision shooting. , Scenario simulation, practical shooting (IPSC/IDPA) and confrontation, the following briefly introduces its functions:

Precision gun target shooting module: indoor can simulate 7-200 meters of multi-distance shooting. In addition, multi-gun target images are another feature, including dozens of targets such as falling targets, moving targets, hidden targets, animal targets, etc. Like selection, multi-person training can be carried out, it can be training for three or four people, or it can be training for a dozen or even twenty or thirty people at the same time.

Gun target scenario simulation: This is closer to actual combat and contains dozens of scenario training programs, covering training subjects such as encounters, interrogations, negotiations, hostage rescue, and sniping. In this way, specific scenarios can be drilled through computer scenarios, and the training significance is also very significant. Big.

Practical target shooting module: According to the international IPSC/IDPA practical shooting general competitive training rules, the practical shooting module trains the shooter to shoot accurately in the shortest time and through the shooting training modes of static, dynamic, advanced, and competition, step by step Gradually improve the shooting skills of training shooters! In terms of hardware, laser-simulated firearms can open and close various types of guns such as rifles, submachine guns, semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, and other types of firearms, switch between speed and slow speed, change magazines, load, unload, single and double action firing, on-hook unlocking The mechanical operations such as the setting and elimination of jamming faults are restored, so as to maintain the true use of guns as much as possible.

The confrontation function is also called image confrontation. The image confrontation gun target shooting training module uses a combination of camera and projection technology to enable grouped personnel to conduct confrontation shooting training virtual face-to-face. Use cover, camouflage, obstacles and other obstructions to form a certain situational environment. Use wide-angle cameras to shoot opponents and their surroundings and display them on the local projection screen in real time, and simultaneously play the opponent's live sound through recording equipment to form a face-to-face confrontation shooting surroundings.

The application scenarios of laser simulation gun target shooting are ordinary schools, national defense education bases, red scenic spots, military colleges, etc. The training equipment used in such places is mostly cost-effective, single-function laser simulation shooting equipment. Firearms simulators are mostly made of composite plastic materials, light in weight, hand-loaded bolts or recoilless, and some indoor places use pneumatic recoil. This kind of junior and middle-level gun target shooting training is also divided into physical targets and image targets. The indoors are mostly image target systems. Simple target shooting and laser point capture calculations are realized through computer systems, cameras, laser transmitters, etc., with real-time The voice report of the target and the impact point are displayed. There are target box, target paper and target type outdoors, which are mostly portable and easy to install and carry.