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Steel shooting targets: 8 methods for hanging steel targets(1)

Steel shooting targets: 8 methods for hanging steel targets(1)

Feb 11, 2020

Shooting a steel target can bring a whole new fun to the whole game. A satisfying sound and the movement or swing of a target will be reflected when the steel target is hit.

Steel shooting targets are great for training, if you have several scattered shooting ranges, you don't need to stop to check your results. Steel targets can withstand multiple hits, and if installed incorrectly, the things you use to hang them will often be broken into pieces.Regardless of the installation method you use, some of it will be destroyed over time. So how do we measure the pros and cons of various installation methods?

T-pillar installation
Most home improvement stores and tractor suppliers will install "T-pillar" steel fence posts. These posts are mainly used to support wire fences, but they can be used to hang steel shooting targets to make good shots target.Since the suspension adapters are completely behind the steel target, the only part that needs to be replaced is the T-bracket itself, however, they are very durable and inexpensive to replace.

2x4 mounting system
If you want more target stability, you can try a 2x4 installation system, this type of installation method is also a portable.2x4 mounting systems come in different styles, one can be directly nailed into the ground, and the other is a bracket that supports vertical 2x4, both of which have great stability. These components can be slid to the end of 2x4 wood, so no tools are required to assemble and disassemble the target stand.The benefit of this method of installing targets using a 2x4 mounting system is that they are easy to find, lightweight and inexpensive.

The most common solution for hanging steel rifle targets is to use a certain steel chain length. Although the caliber of the bullets used for shooting training can easily destroy the chain, you will need to use some good living steel chains.If you make the target yourself, you can bolt the last link of the chain directly to the target through the target hole. Depending on the size of the bolts and holes, you may need to use washers. If you want more elegance, you can use the "S" hook as the interface between the last chain and the hole in the steel gong.