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Yes,We can customize the brand and size. We don't have MOQ for the existing styles. The customized MOQ needs more than 5,000 pieces.At the same time, we suggest that you can use a non-stick LOGO sticker on the package in another cheap way.

For the sample order, we generally choose DHL, UPS, FEDEX and other express delivery, the aging time only needs 4-5 days to reach, formal orders, we will have railway to door, sea to door, sea port to port, etc. Tax channels, you can vie for a different price for your needs. The quotation is calculated based on the total gross weight of the order. You need to consult the sales manager. We will choose the best transportation method for our customers.

We are generally neutral kraft paper or white box packaging. If customers need to make a color box, it is ok, the number needs to reach more than 1000, the specific need to consult the sales manager.

We have a strong sense of product protection for our customers. If we can sign a confidentiality agreement, we also cooperate with the needs of our customers.

Co 2 put's Dent's in it. 308 will blow hole's in it.Sorry, don't use the .308.you can use AR500 fo .308.By big John on July 15, 2019

Yes, works with that fine. Enjoying mine very much.By jean on April 10, 2019

Hello my dear!The product not handle the a.25.If you want to use a.25,must be made to order AR500 material.

Sorry it can't .I believe so but I have not tried it myself. The construction is solid steel.By ATFLBOX Seller on April 22, 2019

Yes,with splatter targets you can see your target hole right away, and the normal cardboard targets are not as significant.

Yes,you can,and a minimum of 10 sheets/pack is required.